Serving our Homeless

Brownsville has nearly 800 homeless people living on the streets. Good Neighbor is known to this community since 1953 established by the First United Methodist Women in Brownsville, Texas.

It was formed with the intent to provide a settlement model and for years it delivered classic settlement house services to the Buena Vida neighborhood.

As Brownsville evolved, a growing homeless problem left many men and women on the streets. Good Neighbor Settlement House has expanded its role to include serving the hungry and the homeless populations.

Mission Statement: Good Neighbor Settlement House is a nonprofit, multi-service agency dedicated to assisting the needy men, women and children of Brownsville through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, showers and support services.

Street Outreach Program

Mission Statement: To support and strengthen the community by building rapport with individuals who are homeless or at risk and advocating to end homelessness.

Definition: Street Outreach is a process of building a personal connection that may play a role in helping a person improve his or her housing, health status, and/or social support network. Understanding the needs of homeless can build the positive relationship necessary to gain their trust, which is vital for the success of this program. The Street Outreach Advocate works closely with this population, therefore, requiring him/her to be knowledgeable of the resources and services available in this sector, and surrounding regions applicable to these individuals. The main goal of Street Outreach is to help transition those experiencing homelessness into permanent, self-sustaining living.

Services Provided:

  • i. Case Management: evaluate and determine each individual need
  • ii. Emergency Health Services – only when other appropriate health services are inaccessible or unavailable within the area;
  • iii. Emergency Mental Health Services – only when other appropriate mental health services are inaccessible or unavailable within the area;
  • iv. Transportation; and
  • v. Services for Special Populations.